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          1. The applicant first consults “Yaer Company” for relevant franchise information.
          2. After consultation, the applicant should consider and study his own conditions and actual local situations. If having the intention of franchise cooperation, the applicant should apply with the “Yaer” headquarters, fill in the Franchise Application Form and send it to our company.
          3. Upon receiving the Franchise Application Form from the applicant, our company will send relevant personnel to discuss with you. If consensus is reached, both parties will sign the distribution contract.
          4. After the contract is signed, both parties will specify the operation shop and design and decorate it according to the uniform standard of our company. “Yaer Hardware” will provide corresponding guidance in opening preparations, personnel training, etc.
          5. After opening and operation, the franchisee should keep constant contact with our company and receive operation guidance and management by our headquarters.
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